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-Enhanced Surgical Ergonomics.

You are an individual who appreciates the importance of safe, efficient surgery.


You recognize that locating the foot pedal under the operating table every time a surgeon needs to use bipolar forceps for hemostasis is archaic and is a source of surgeon fatigue and distraction.



You agree that having OR nurses crawl under the operating room table an average of 2x per case to move the foot pedal for the surgeon exposes them to bodily fluids and infectious agents.

We need a better way?


We estimate that, for an average duration surgery, at least three minutes and as many as ten minutes are wasted setting up, as much as 1/2 unit of blood (200cc) can be lost needlessly.

Agree that we need a better solution?


BiPAD has developed the solution to this problem.


BiPAD is a replacement disposable cord with an integrated hand switch for bipolar forceps electrocautery used in almost all open surgeries everywhere.


The BiPAD cord can be used with any forceps and any electrosurgery generator

Hospitals will replace their current cord with a BiPAD cord & integrated hand switch costing $25 to $75 (depending on version) to save $150 to $1000 per surgery.


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