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Opportunity to invest in BiPAD, LLC, early stage venture:


High Risk with potential for High ROI

The risks associated with any start-up are well known, as are the rewards associated with success. We have analyzed the challenges that we believe we must overcome to achieve success for this phase of our project and, ultimately, for commercialization of our product. More information about some of these risks can be viewed here.


 The potential return on investment can be difficult to assess. First, one must assess the market size. We have done so using three different approaches and estimated that the market size in the USA alone is between $70M and $100M per year. Exact sales data for existing cords for a random subsection of the hospitals in the USA was been obtained to derive this estimate.


Assuming that BiPAD, LLC, can capture  33% of the USA market in the first three years of sales, then we estimate that the valuation of the company will be at least half of the annual market size five years from now. The valuation used for this capital raise is $4.2M.  This would yield an ROI of 5X or more.