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  1. Request and Receive a password to access confidential web pages.

  2. View the "What is BiPAD" presentation (requires a password, takes 3 min).

  3. Read "Better Surgery"

  4. Read "Where are we now?"

  5. Read "Investment opportunity"

  6. View the BiPAD video. (3 min)

  7. Read "Risks of Investment" (10 min)

  8. View the BiPAD investor presentation  (requires a password, 15 min).

  9. Read FAQ (10 min)

  10. Download and review the investor packet with your attorney. 

    1. Executive Summary‚Äč

    2. Investor Presentation PDF

    3. Risks of Investment PDF

    4. Subscription Agreement and Investor Questionnaire

  11. Contact us if you have any remaining questions or schedule a phone call.

  12. Complete the Subscription Agreement and submit with your investment check

  13. Provide feedback

Next steps: How you can invest in  BiPAD today.

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