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-Enhanced Surgical Ergonomics.

You are a hospital which supports surgeons who use bipolar electrocautery forceps in the operating room.


Locating the foot pedal under the operating table every time a surgeon needs to use bipolar forceps for hemostasis is a source of surgeon fatigue and distraction.

Your hospital seeks to improve surgical outcomes?


OR nurses must crawl under the operating room table an average of 2x per case to move the foot pedal exposing themselves to bodily fluids and infectious agents.

Your hospital seeks to optimize work conditions for its nurses?


We estimate that, for an average duration surgery, at least three minutes and as many as ten minutes are wasted setting up, finding and relocating the foot pedal. At an average cost of $50 to $100 per minute in the OR, this is a loss of $150 to $1000 per surgery.

Your hospital looks to improve efficiency and patient safety?


Assuming that up to ten minutes are wasted finding the foot pedal per case, net blood loss results from delayed activation of electrocautery might be as much as 200cc per case.


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