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"Sometimes a small change can have

a transformative impact on usability.


And when this happens,

opportunity presents itself."





The BiPAD Opportunity:

 BiPAD invented and patented the first and only practical hand switch for bipolar forceps electrocautery - an instrument used to stop bleeding in tens of millions of surgeries every year.

The Secret:

The BiPAD hand switch is built into the disposable cord used to connect the forceps to the electrocautery generator. Every open surgery that uses bipolar forceps electrocautery, also uses a sterile cord to connect the forceps to the generator, see the blue cord in the images, below left.

Click here if you would like an explanation of electrocautery:   What is electrocautery?

The critical design decision required to create a practical forceps hand switch is integration of the switch into the cord used in every surgery that employs bipolar forceps (shown in blue, see left).

BiPAD created a revolutionary hand switch for bipolar forceps, but it's product is a universal cord that supports both it's unique hand switch and a standard foot pedal.

A conventional cord is to the left. 

The BiPAD universal cord is below. Similar price with upgraded functionality.

Eight reasons why BiPAD will disrupt the bipolar forceps disposable cord market: 


Reason #1: BiPAD solves a critically important problem. 

“Electrocautery is arguably the single most-used surgical technique, yet it is perhaps the least understood and least appreciated by surgeons."  Surgery cannot be performed without bipolar electrocautery. And soon, because of BiPAD, no surgeon will have to tolerate searching for a foot pedal everytime they need to cauterize a bleeding vessel.

Reason #2: Existing cord technology is in the public domain.

There is no IP for most existing electrocautery cords. BiPAD, Inc., will introduce new IP in this product line and this will allow for premium pricing and market dominance.  

Reason #3: BiPAD is the first practical hand switch.

BiPAD is practical because it is integrated into the cord required to connect the forceps to the generator. The unique, ergonomically designed curved actuator arm fits the inner curve of the surgeon's finger allowing the surgeon to hold the forceps in the usual manner. Therefore the learning curve is negligible. 

Reason #4: BiPAD saves time & money.

Less time searching for a foot pedal or having a nurse reposition the foot pedal means less OR time at $100/minute. (BiPAD commissioned operating room staff survey indicating that staff must move the foot pedal for the surgeon 2.4x per surgery.)

Reason #5: BiPAD reduces blood loss.

Less time searching for a foot pedal to activate electrocautery means less blood loss. 

Reason #6:  BiPAD is safer.

BiPolar forceps have never caused an operating room fire, monopolar electrocautery is the main cause of such fires. Further, monopolar cannot be used in patient with pacemakers, CNS stimulators and other implants. As populations age, more and more surgeries will be performed with bipolar electrocautery and without monopolar electrocautery.

Reason #7: BiPAD Reduces Surgeon & Staff Fatigue

Bipolar forceps are used dozens and even hundreds of times per surgery. Not having to look for a foot pedal before every activation reduces physician fatigue. 

Reason 8: The BiPAD disposable cord will retail for about the same price as an the conventional disposable cord it will replace.

BiPAD is a hand switch but the hand switch is part of the disposable cord used to connect the forceps to the generator. As such, BiPAD, Inc., is replacing a cord that is already purchased by almost every hospital for almost half of all of their surgeries. There is no need for new CMS codes. And no clinical data is required for 510K certification. BiPAD universal cords will replace all current foot-switched bipolar cords because our cords will initially retail at equivalent price but with upgraded functionality. 


Click below for a one minute video describing the BiPAD invention

In Summary: 
 BiPAD - A simple, elegant device for hand-activation of any bipolar electrocautery forceps using any bipolar generator.
BiPAD - will improve efficiency and safety and reduce surgeon fatigue.
The BiPAD product is a sterile cable that connects the forceps to the electrocautery generator.
BiPAD is not a forceps. 
BiPAD is not a electrocautery generator.
BiPAD is a patented, unique cord with an ingenious integrated hand switch that replaces the conventional cord at an equivalent price.
The BiPAD cord allows surgeons to use a foot pedal but liberates their feet by providing an hand switch

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